Cal vs Hawaii Preview

As the 2016 season opens its doors, college football fans get to experience the sport in a different setting. This game will not only boost viewers from other countries butshowcase the programsof these two great universities. Cal and Hawaii will be the two teams that will carry the mantel in Australia while starting the season in an epic way.
The Golden Bears, hope to start the season with a declaration that the program will continue to do well without Goff. Sonny Dykes will be looking to Texas Tech transfer Davis Webb to lead the bears this season. And what better proving ground than in unfamiliar territory. Cal also had the pleasure of having Marshan Lynch in their practices throughout the time in Australia. Lynch was able to provide words of wisdom along with some tips to some of the players. Senior running back Khalfani Muhammad was one of the players that made sure to get the most out of  his time with Lynch during each practice.

Overall, the Cal Bears looks to begin their season with a steadfast offense. They should operate well in the passing game along with running game. As well as present the progress their defense had from last year and limit passing yards.

For Hawaii, they are seen as the underdogs going into the game after having a rough 2015 season. However, the Warriors plan to come taking a different approach from last year. It will be apparent in the defense as the team hired Kevin Lempa as the new defensive coordinator. Lempa shifted out of the 3-4 hybrid and is going to run a 4-3 scheme. He feels confident that the Warriors will take to the transition like his time with Boston College.

Even though Cal comes into the game as the favorite, do not assume Hawaii will go down without a fight. The fact that both teams are starting the season and playing in Sydney would give reason to play with more adrenalin. Expect the first half to have a lot of excitement and the second half a one-sided affair. I would like to see Hawaii defense come out with some big stops that could make the game interesting.

With former Nevada Wolf Pack OC Nick Rolovich now leading the RainbowWarriors it will be an interesting game and who knows, anything can happen at the start of the season.

Rolovich as player for the Rainbow Warriors in the early 2000’s.