Detailed Information for the Internship

Organization: Lone Star Football podcast and – Online Sports Website Network

Contact:     ​Steve Bates

Email​​:         SportyDork [at]


Description of Opportunity

Would you like a platform upon which you can set out your thoughts develop your style and talents? If so, we provide such an opportunity through our unique, useful, ultra-specific sports news and information site in one easy to navigate, user-friendly web network.

We are looking for candidates to fill internships that will generate a commission based upon reader hits. You will have flexible submission schedules and the we can work with you to seek academic credit dependent on your school and your program. We run the website and the Lonestar Football podcast ( We are currently considering the addition of interns interested in covering sports teams and conferences on our behalf in furtherance of their interest in the field. This is a unique opportunity to ply your skills, and gain practical experience that could translate to future job opportunities. is a website founded by two long lost friends (not really) but our founders did grow up together. Jeff Watson was the star quarterback and won state championships in high school and conference championships in college. Steve Bates was the video guy who earned a full scholarship as a video coordinator while he was in college. Both served as GAs beneath highly decorated coaches.

Steve and Jeff started MyFavorite.Team to provide an insiders look at sports and provide unique commentary to the sporting world, as a reflection of their tie to college sports. 

Proposed activities for interns will include interviewing coaches and players, story research, writing weekly preview and recap articles, attending games as credentialed media to provide game day coverage. You will also be invited to participate in the Saturday evening recap podcast. You will be expected to write approximately 3 articles per week about the team/conference you are covering. By this process, we can provide you with some status you might not otherwise have, and because of publication, you will learn what you do that is “good” and, perhaps, not so good.

We are looking for someone who has a burning desire to be a sports journalist (or someone who wants to experiment or otherwise needs to fulfill an internship requirement for school). Someone looking for hands-on experience and learning by doing. If you are familiar with Word and WordPress, that would be ideal, otherwise we can teach you.

How to Apply:

Send your resume and any recent articles you have written (If available) to Steve at the email address sportydork [at]  

Available:  Summer 2016, Fall 2016, Spring 2017       

A non-paid / “Comission” pay internship Term Agreement will be put in place for successful candidates.