Lunch Links June 28, 2016

College Football Lunch Links June 28, 2016

Okay, two days in a row.  Wow, that is impressive! I am still working through some older articles that I think are interesting and I’m also adding some current links.  Hope you enjoy.

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FIU Defensive Coordinator Ron Cooper is “Mic’d Up” in this two minute Youtube video . . .


Vanquish The Foe, SBNation’s BYU blog, takes a look at the new C-USA television contracts and how that effects conference expansion [Read more at Vanquish the Foe].

Wonder Pitcher Clayton Kershaw can grip six baseballs in his hand. Impressive. Now if the rest of the Dodgers could get their act together and hit the ball . . . [See it at Bleacher Report].

Peyton Manning will attend three Tennessee football games this fall.  I’m not really sure why this is newsworthy. I suppose because the keyword “Peyton Manning” makes people click their mouse and there is no other football news. [Read at the Score].

The Orlando Sentinel takes a look at each time prior to the upcoming season.  One team that I have developed an interest in following, just because I didn’t know much about them before we started our C-USA podcast, is the Charlotte 49ers. I think they are building an impressive program.  The Orlando Sentinel ranks them 115. [Read more at the Orlando Sentinel].